1 Event, Countless Versions – Inconsistencies in Timeline Reports


So, back to the office again. It’s been slow. Slow news, slow nights, slow days. No hoax material to work on these last few weeks. So, Dklayne, Layla and I (can I give us a cheesy governmental-sounding name, like the DLA team ? Please, pretty please !) went back to the start (great method when you’re hoax-bored) and recounted all the versions put out there about what happened on June 25th. Needless to say, the versions are multiple. Apparently, it is THAT hard to remember what happened on that day for the people involved, because, that was such a mundane thing to happen, right ?
Let’s go over this, one piece of lie at a time.

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Full Recap – Da Troot According To Murray ?


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The Death Certificate – Information + Recap


Hey peeps, I’m posting this thread again so people would read it and stop saying “Latoya signed it” “DC Not signed !” etc. Especially for new hoaxers, so they have all DC info at hand in one thread.
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Dealing With Tohme Tohme

Before I start, I would like to make a correction.
Today is not Conrad Murray’s preliminary hearing. Today is a hearing to determine the date of the preliminary hearing. According to CNN News, quoting the judge, it will be set for sometime in January and will last 2 to 4 weeks.

Now let’s move on to a man we all know and don’t love, Mr. Tohme R. Tohme. Or Dr. Tohme Tohme. I don’t know what his full accurate name is to be honest. And it seems I’m not the only one. I tried researching when he came into the picture exactly. What prompts this research ? An audio tape. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you’ll find it in a heartbeat. Reverend June Gatlin, who is said to be Michael Jackson’s spiritual advisor in the year of his death, gave an interview where she played a recorded conversation she had with Michael. He proceeds to tell her, though his voice sounds steady, that Tohme, apparently hired as his business manager, is keeping him from knowing what is actually going on in his finances and that he is worried about it. That Tohme is basically controlling his life. I still don’t really understand why Gatlin recorded the conversation but it’s a good piece of the puzzle in this MJ enigma.

Information on Tohme Tohme is scarce and sometimes contradictory. According to Brian Oxman, Tohme is a cousin of Halima Jackson, Jermaine Jackson’s wife, hence why he was introduced to Michael. Now, Brian Oxman is not what I would call a rock solid source. It is one lead to explore. According to the AP, he is an American citizen of Lebanese descent in his late 50s. Sounds pretty incomplete.

Tohme gave an interview to the Associated Press after Michael’s death to reveal his persona. He reveals that he met Michael when Jermaine contacted him to ask if he could help save the Neverland Ranch from foreclosure . Here we have a confirmation of a Jermaine link. In fact, Tohme was at Jermaine’s side at the press conference he gave at the UCLA Medical Center.


He calls himself, “the closest person to Michael Jackson for the last year and a half”. He then claims to have stricken the deal with Thomas Barrack of Colony Capital, for whom he used to work for, and arranged the London concerts (Barrack called up his old friend Philip Anschutz from AEG, which employee Randy Phillips had already expressed interest in booking MJ for the 02 Arena) and adds he wasn’t paid for his services.

“ His negotiations for Jackson included a Broadway show with the Nederlander organization, an animated TV show based on “Thriller,” a line of clothing including “moonwalk shoes,” and more. He said he was working with others to renegotiate the terms of Jackson’s main assets, his share of the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog — which includes music by the Beatles — and the catalog of Mijac, the company that controls Michael Jackson’s own music”.

“I built a fence around Michael to keep people out,” he said, “I was trying to do what we could to maximize his profits and minimize spending. I wanted to find a way to reel in all the loans he had”.

“We had an agreement,” Tohme continued. “I would never interfere with his creative decisions and he wouldn’t interfere with my business decisions.”

“He always said to me, ‘I want people to really know who I am after I’m gone.’”

He then ends the interview by saying he was convinced Michael was in perfect health the last time he saw him, 2 days before his death, and that he kept himself on a healthy diet and never took drugs.

It doesn’t fit Michael’s audio tape. At all. In fact, it has been reported that Tohme was fired by Jackson a couple of months before he died because Tohme had auctioned off belongings to the Julien’s Auction House without MJ’s permission. He was at the time officially holding the title of President of MJJ Productions. He also returned to the Jackson estate, not so long ago, $5.5 million in “secret cash” (allegedly residuals that Michael wanted to use to buy a property in Las Vegas) and Michael and some Neverland items that he originally wanted to auction off. According to auctioneer Darren Julien and his partner Martin Nolan, James R. Weller, Tohme’s partner, met with them in February 2009 to suggest they were in danger from the Nation of Islam if they didn’t stop an auction that was supposed to happen in March. Then, Tohme met with them to refute what Weller said and to tell them to go on with the unauthorised auction. Weller is listed as Tohme’s partner on the TRW Advertising website, a PR company led by the two. As for Tohme, his claim that he was an ambassador for Senegal was denied by the Senegalese authorities. His claim to having orchestrated the PR of several political figures is unfounded. His title of “Doctor” was never confirmed either. He is not Randy Phillips’ brother-in-law since Mr. Phillips does not have a sister. He is a man who has been caught in scams and lies more than once. A faulty master of fabrication. Definitely of the foe kind. After his dismissal, he was replaced by long time friend of MJ’s Frank DiLeo, of the old dream team which sounded like a wiser choice. Speak of the devil, DiLeo contradicted himself in two subsequent TV interviews where he mentioned Tohme – the first time he claimed Michael was in total control of his only to recant his tune in a second interview, claiming Michael was afraid of the shady character that is Tohme. This makes it all the more difficult to understand the true nature of Michael and Tohme’s relationship.

With such little information, it is hard to tell if Tohme is a person of interest when it comes to what happened on June 25th, hoax or death. Michael had money. Money is perceived as power. Leeches automatically gravitated towards him. It’s not new. If Tohme was introduced through Jermaine, Michael of course probably trusted his brother’s judgment – though it turned out to be an obscure disaster. Added up to the Leonard Rowe information, the Schaffel and Wiesner saga (who were cited as having conspired against MJ in court in 2005… which begs the question, why in hell is Katherine working with them ?), you can get a sense of Michael’s rocky business life. Michael was good at business, no question. But business has several aspects. Michael had a head for marketing. He knew what people liked when it came to music and he knew how to become popular – he had a flair for hits. However, finances was most likely not his thing. Why would it be ? According to Mesereau, during the 2005 trial, Michael stayed away from that mathematical side of his affairs because it “killed his creative juices”. What with the size of Michael’s assets, Michael needed professionals to handle his money flow and accounting. Unavoidable. Unavoidable that he was at risk of being taken advantage of, because that’s the risk you have to take at his position.

Now the question remains – are those characters involved ? Or are they just garbage material, another bump in the road in Michael’s life, come and gone at the filing of a lawsuit ?

Feel free to debate and add your own information and opinion on the matter in the comment section !

Links :

Associated Press article – http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/31740617

June Gatlin’s recorded conversation – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8F6bFc3QA4

Transcripts of Frank Dileo’s Larry King interview about Tohme – http://archives.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0908/04/lkl.01.html

Video of Frank Dileo’s MSNBC interview about Tohme – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/32537060#32537060

Senegalese authorities’ rebuttal of Tohme’s ambassardor claim – http://fr.allafrica.com/stories/200906290986.html

Jackson’s Rep threatens Darren Julien – http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2009/03/24/claim-jackos-rep-threatened-harm-nation-islam/

Video of Brian Oxman talking about Tohme Tohme – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkhwPw5WEeA

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Leonard Rowe, The Business Leech – By Alem

Hey everyone ! I’m going to start posting again – there are topics I want to touch on preferrably before Monday’s preliminary hearing because I think they’re crucial. Basically, I’d like to mention the people working around Michael, specifically Tohme R. Tohme.
For today, I’ll let you read some great research by hoaxer Alem – everyday is a new find :

Just wanted to continue the investigation on this guy Leonard Rowe.

As you know he was the guy who Michael hired after Tohme Tohme on March 25, 2009.
He was supposed to oversee his business and financial affairs during the scheduled London concert tour, This Is It. However shortly after he was hired he was fired. Michael found out something about this man which made him not trustworthy. According to the dismissal letter which was written on May 20th Michael claimed that the reason for firing Mr. Rowe was to “streamline” his business operations.
Copy of that letterhttp://site2.mjeol.com/images/stories/L … 0-2009.jpg
Rowe claims he never got this letter when King confronted him. This is what Tohme also said. Yeah..right.

What was the real reason for Michael to fire Mr. Rowe?
Frank Dileo told Raffles van Exel in an exclusive interview that Leonard has a shady past. In 2008 two lawsuits was brought against him. Neyo and R.Kelly two of the world most famous RnB singers sued him for failing to pay R. Kelly several million dollars in tour proceeds that he owed.

“In his ruling, [Arbitrator] Byrne determined that Rowe had sold shares without Kelly’s knowledge or consent. As a result, in addition to awarding Kelly $3,397,410.38 in monetary damages, Byrne also ordered Rowe to take full responsibility for all the lawsuits.”
Did Leonard’s shady past contribute to his dismissal?

Or was it Leonard’s close friendship with Joe Jackson? Mr. Rowe is a trusted associate of Joe Jackson’s, but Michael made it clear even in his autobiography that he and Joe do not think the same way business-wise. Leonard Rowe and Joe wanted to get Michael to do that concert in Texas. Michael wanted to handle situations in his own way. Joe Jackson was pushing for the family reunion tour, like he did Victory Tour and look what happened there, at the same time as the 02 London shows.
According to Frank Dileo Michael was forced to sign the deal to hire Leonard because of his father and he pleaded to Frank to help him get ride of him. Michael called Frank and said, “Get rid of him (Rowe.) I didn’t want to do it, but Joseph was pressuring me.”
Leonard Rowe was dropped and Frank was hired. Although it is important to tell that Frank had always been there for Michael as Joe-te-quiero said he was working behind the scenes.

When I found this out I was quite surprised of the contradicting statement said on CNN’s Larry King Live (July,2009). Leonard Rowe appeared on the show claiming to have a close relationship to Michael Jackson for 30 years. He also alleged Jackson didn’t want to do 50 shows in London and had no idea what his deal with AEG entailed. He basically portrayed Michael as clueless and dubious.

Leonard’s word about Michael:

During Michael’s final days… there was a lot of suspicious activity going on in his surroundings. Michael Jackson’s life at the end was being controlled and manipulated. Michael Jackson was not allowed to make his own decisions, he was not allowed to hire who he wanted to hire to work for him. Michael Jackson was being told what to do and people was controlling Michael Jackson.” Who? “The same people that was controlling Michael Jackson financially, the people that was taking care of Michael Jackson, the people that was paying his bills. Those are the people who was controlling Michael Jackson.”

I do not believe this statement. To me it seemed as Michael was trying to regain himself and he re-hired the people he knew he could trust. So I would dear to say that Michael surrounded himself with trustworthy people and got RID of the leeches. He started with Tohme and the list goes on. And I believe that Michael wanted to do the shows, as Frank said he was very excited about it.

Leonard Rowe, self-described manager of the singer, had filed a creditors claim for $51,218. (10/29/2009)

Frank‘s interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cNeJjA6 … re=related
Hire letterhttp://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_documents/1029_jackson.pdf
Fire letterhttp://www.radaronline.com/sites/defaul … rwater.pdf

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Can’t Let Myself Get Away

Hey everyone !

Just a short post to say that I’m still here – just not posting because there’s nothing really worthwile to post about (and I found a summer job working at a youth center so busy busy bee). Nonetheless, I’m working on finding new leads as far as this hoax comes and creating contacts with people who either knew Michael or followed him the last years of his life.

There haven’t been any news lately besides Joe actually filing a wrongful death lawsuit, document which contains ineptitudes analysed by wonderful Hot Ice on : http://xscapemj.Blogspot.com (Read “Monopoly Joe” post).
So far, we haven’t heard how that went or if it’s actually going to go to trial. Like Hot Ice points out, if the civil trial does go all the way, it could damage the criminal trial. Murray, if ever he chooses to take the stand as part of his strategy, could plead the 5th as to not self-incriminate in the civil trial. Joe, Joe, Joe, up to his old tricks again it seems. Even if Michael is indeed alive and Joe is indeed in the know, I wonder what he’s trying to do. As always, we’re left with a bitter aftertaste, torn between approving the family’s actions, concerned it might be for Michael’s own good, but also distraught by their contradictions and … well, blatant lack of taste.

It’s been fairly quiet since June 25th 2010. The one year anniversary was non eventful to say the least.

Murray’s preliminary hearing is on August 23rd so we’re smackdab in that “waiting game” phase.

If I ever hear something newsworthy or if interesting news abound in the press, I’ll be posting. I refuse to give up till we understand what happened. Well, you know me. Always the meddler lol

If you have any cool news or points of views, don’t hesitate posting in the comment section ! Investigating is also about dialogue.

Have a great month of July !

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365 days after

Today is June 25th, 2010. This officially marks the one-year anniversary of MJ’s passing.

People grieve, others sing, some reminisce quietly. It’s a day of difficult sentiment – when you lose someone, it feels like you’re always torn between celebrating their joyous moments and the sting you feel when you realize there won’t be any more of those moments with them. Doubts take over and you just wonder, no matter what faith you have, no matter what dogma you believe in, if they just are okay.

I did not know Michael Jackson. I did not meet him, nor spoke to him, nor shook his hand. I just listened to him.  I listened to him sing and I watched him dance because he could do it better than anyone in this world. And that was good enough for me.

I am not a religious person. I’m not sure what kind of faith I have. I know I believe in people, I believe in nature, I believe in art. Where those come from, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I care. I’m just happy they are here. I’m just happy I get to experience them.

Michael Jackson’s talent had an almost supernatural quality to it. No one can put their finger on how exactly the power of his art came to be, and no one can really verbalize how his music makes them feel. Myself, included. Perhaps it’s that constant reassurement, completely void of cynicism, distrust & contempt. Perhaps it’s its transcending movement, beyond ages, genders, colours and countries. He managed to break down barriers – and he did it the right way, without violence, malice or fraud.

He did go through hell and back. Most of us do too. Well, it’s the most mundane thing in the world : life’s hard. Life’s hard for everyone – we all struggle at our own degrees. Some more than others, whether we were born in starving african plains, or in an identitary search through American suburbia. We meet dishonest people, we get disappointed and we mourn. But let me go on with more trite : life’s also beautiful. It’s beautiful in the echo of a sound, in the colour of an image and in the warmth of an embrace. I don’t care if that is uncool, or cheesy or trite or mundane. I care that there were people like Michael Jackson in the world to know how to create that, and to share it with us. He didn’t go anywhere. He is still here. He lives forever through creation and sound. Art does not die. Art is the greatest warrior in this world. It survived milleniums, wars, detractors and dictators.

Thank you, Michael. For being and having been. For existing always. May you feel peace wherever you are. Your message was given.


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Joe Jackson Goes After Murray – Summary Of Legal File

Most recent news from TMZ.com reveal that Joe Jackson’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, served Murray with legal papers as a prelude to a wrongful death lawsuit in March 2010.
I read the file and made a compound summary of it so it’d be less long to read for everybody. I will update later with a full analysis of the files. Some of the stuff makes a lot of sense (and corresponds exactly to the inconsistencies I pointed out in Murray’s story), and some of it is quite astonishing, and ill-documented. You can read the full file here : http://tmz.vo.llnwd.net/o28/newsdesk/tmz_documents/0622_michael_jackson_Preliminary.pdf

Murray gave contradictory versions of times/events leading up to MJ’s death + failure to keep medical records = disregard, negligence.
Alvarez did not state the address of the location to 911, nor identified MJ by name.
Murray conducted CPR on a soft surface (bed).
Murray lied to the LAFD about drugs administered, impairing rescue efforts on MJ.

Prior to treating MJ, Murray was at stripclub, drinking. Concealed purchases of Propofol by not using US DEA tracing number. Bought Propofol at Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas, shipped them to girlfriend’s house in Santa Monica.

Autopsy documents respiratory bronchitis, anemia, brain swelling, chronic pneumonia. MJ confused, obsessive, disoriented all throughout May and June 2009 + impaired memory, loss of appetite and shivering during rehearsal.

Pulse oximeter, upon investigation, found in adjoining closet.

12.21pm : 911 call

12.26pm : paramedics arrive at MJ’s house

12.27pm : paramedics arrive at MJ’s bedside

12.29pm : paramedics beging resuscitation efforts. No pulse, blood pressure, respiration or oxygen saturation reading, heart in pulseless electrical activity (PEA), no contractions

12.34pm : Heart in asystole. Paramedics administer cardiac stimulation drugs.

12.50pm : paramedics contact UCLA Med Center, describe absence of life signs. Dr. Richelle Cooper tells them to consider terminating effforts. Murray states he is responsible for further efforts.

13.07pm : paramedics place MJ in ambulance, attempt resuscitation. No success.

13.15pm : paramedics bring MJ into Emergency Room.
Presence of Murray. Murray identifies MJ as “Soule Shaune”. Does not provide medical history.
MJ’s breathing assisted by bagging with oxygen ; fixed, dilated pupils, no alert, no response to pain. Murray tells Dr. Cooper he felt a pulse  upon discovery. Gave Lorazepam, Diazepam, Flomax. No mention of Propofol or Flumanezil.


Upon Murray’s statements, patient had been working long hours. Not ill, no trauma or seizure activity preceding arrest. Reported meds  are valium and flumax. No history of drug use indicated. Murray placed IV & administered Lorazepam (2mg) then another dose, reported witnessing the arrest.


June 27th : Murray stated to police he was afraid MJ was addicted to Propofol, after long history of drug addiction. Tried weaning him off.

History of prescriptions from Murray to MJ date from 2008. Dozens of vials seized by the police, including Temazepam.

April 28th : Lorazepam prescribed.
May 14th : Lidocaine prescribed.


13.21pm : nurses at hospital detect weak femoral pulse

13.22pm : MJ shows cardiac activity

13.33pm : MJ shows weak ventricular rhythm. MJ intubated with endotrachial tube, good breath signs.

14.05pm : insertion of intra-aortic balloon pump to attempt resuscitation. No spontaneous pulse regained.

14.26pm : MJ pronounced dead.


June 25th : Murray met with police at UCLA Med Center – did not disclose Propofol administration.

June 26th : police searched Carolwood mansion. Seized 8 bottles of Propofol. Later, another 3 + medication at his bedside (Clonazepam, Benoquin, Flomax, Temazepam, etc.) + marijuana + glaucoma solution + antifungal drug + anti-inflammatory (for skin) drug (prescribed by other doctors).

June 27th : Murray tells police he “gave MJ 50mg of Propofol diluted with Lidocaine by IV drip each night for 6 weeks, to treat insomnia. Tried weaning him off by giving him since June 22nd, 25 mg of Propofol w/ Lorazepam + Midazolam. On June 23rd, says he gave Lorazepam + Midazolam, no Propofol. On June 25th, arrived at Carolwood at 1.am. MJ had been rehearsing till after midnight at Staples Center. MJ complained of dehydration, not feeling well, not being able to sleep. At 1.30am, attempted to induce sleep by giving Valium. At 2am, gave 2mg of Lorazepam after dilution. At 3am, gave Midazolam after dilution. At 5am, MJ could not sleep. Murray gave him 2mg of Lorazepam after dilution. Mj awake for the next 2 and a half hours. At 7.30am, Murray gave 2mg of Midazolam after dilution and remained at bedside, monitoring him with a pulse oximeter.
Claims he gave at 10.40 am 25mg of Propofol through IV and MJ went to sleep. At 10.50am, Murray left MJ’s bedside to go to restroom. Returned at 10.52 am, MJ not breathing. Tried CPR. Gave 0.2 mg of Flumanezil, no effect on Propofol. Called Michael Amir Williams, security guard. No response from Williams, did not come to aid. Went to the kitchen, asks chef Kai Chaise to send Prince Jackson. Proceeds to CPR on bed. Prince Jackson summoned security guard Alvarez who came to aid. Called 911 with his cellphone.”

Murray changed story. Said he “found MJ at 12.am, not 11am. Found MJ not breathing while talking to girlfriend on phone at 12.04pm, after being on the phone from 11.18am to 12.05pm.”


Alavarez told police he was asked to hide Propofol bottles in bag. Murray stopped CPR and cleaned up the room. Placed unused oximeter wires on MJ’s fingers. Asked Alvarez to call 911 only after he was finished cleaning up.


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Open Letter To The Media

To Mrs Andrea Peyser, the New York Post and everyone who call themelseves a journalist :

I am appalled upon reading an article, about Mr. Michael Jackson. Not only does the article begin with quite the vulgar insult, perhaps self-explanatory of the author’s impeccable writing style, but it also proceeds to list fallacies, ill-informed statements and grave accusations directed at Mr. Jackson’s person.

This is one more proof that journalism is dead. Not only is it dead, but it also seems buried so deep in the ground, there is no hope of it ever ascending to light again.
Child abuse is a serious issue. One of the most damaging ones there is in this world. It is not a punchline in a joke, it is not an innuendo that can be lightly thrown around.  Mr. Jackson was acquitted on all counts on June 13th, 2005 after a fair trial was held. The court documents and other transcripts are out there to be read and examined by anyone who is willing to take an hour out of their lives to find out the truth about what happened.
The justice system did its job and it’s time journalists did theirs too. What  good is our faith in the judicial institutions if it is defiled by a court of public opinion ? Public opinion is merely a chimera : it is what the journalists claim it is, unfortunately.  It is only representative of one person’ spontaneous perception of others, at a T-time. It is, in no way, an indication of the truth.

I find there are usually two arguments to counter-act such statements : “Boohoo, Michael Jackson being the target of injustice, poor celebrity”. The other will generally be, “Freedom of expression !”. Those two statements are specious.

First and foremost, there are such things as fundamental rights. One person’s success, or one person’s failures are not conditions of whether they are entitled to those rights or not. Those rights naturally and immdiately come with our quality as human beings. Those rights were proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in 1958 but they are also legally protected by the Constitution of the United States of America, where Michael Jackson was a resident and a citizen. This is the difference between a modern democracy and a liberticide regime. This is the difference between freedom and oppression. Mrs Peyser’s article deliberately violates presumption of innocence, personal integrity and respect of privacy, in a sole column. Mr. Jackson is a human being, therefore, he is entitled to those rights, and not only that, but those rights are legally protected. What is most baffling is that one can proceed to defile those without any consequences whatsoever, and it seems it has been a permanent trend regarding Mr. Jackson ever since the accusations started. This is where the danger begins. This can happen to anyone : it can happen to your brother, it can happen to your daughter, it can happen to you. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, as once said by Martin Luther King. When one person is denied their rights, it shows flaws in our own democracies – that small breach that allows anyone, including you and I, to be the next victim of  coercion and tyranny, the very same which can start seeping into the institutions that are supposed to protect the people in the first place. The media is supposed to be the voice of that protection, not its detractor. What happened to investigative journalism ? What happened to that noble mission of truth and transparency ? What happened to the Watergate reveal, to the Tien An Men picture, to those people who fought for justice through a profession that is supposed to connotate freedom expression in our countries ? Who braved countless dangers, even went to their deaths for it ?
Have most of them turned like Mrs Peyser now ? Safely tucked behind a monitor screen, writing all sorts of unfounded statements about someone whom she doesn’t even know, perhaps whose success or difference seems to bother her that much that she would go to these despicable lenghts ?
Mrs Peyser, don’t bother with the “freedom of expression” argument. Your freedom stops where others’ begin. If you are using your own freedom to rob other people of their own, you are not only defeating the purpose itself of that particular concept, but you are also contributing to glorifying liberticide authoritarians, because they do exist at any level – and we have proof right here.  You do not have the power to decide that your perception is the truth. That truth was written in black on white – burying your head in the sand and denying it by shaking your head won’t make it go away. You won’t win this battle because my  faith that good triumphs in the end, if we want it to.
It only does so after countless battles, many losses and multiple defeats, but history has shown that it can win in the end, if one stands united. Vindication has been set in stone.  And  when you think about it, it is what history is all about. Maybe, Mrs Peyser, it’s time you and your colleagues honoured that, that you honoured yourselves, your country, your profession and the world that you live in. You are a human being too – if you are actively participating in robbing others of their own freedom, it is only a matter of time before you will be deprived of your own. If you save others, you might also just save yourself.

There is still time retract the evident aberrations you made. This is the request that I present to you, as myself, a minuscule part of a community of citizens, gathered together to let the truth be known and justice triumph. For Mr. Jackson, his family, for ourselves, and for the entire world.

Thank you for reading. The best way to end this letter is by quoting Mr. Jackson himself :

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”


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Monkey Business – Murray, Joe & Murder Matters

DISCLAIMER : I was quite conflicted on whether to write this post or not. I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of days. This is a post that makes sense if MJ died, and that explores this angle. I don’t want to upset anyone by bringing up the possibility that MJ did, in fact, die on that day. I sure as hell don’t know that, I haven’t been proven life or death yet, and I’m still somewhat of a “believer”. However, I can’t simply overlook the information we’ve been given the past few days. I’m trying to make sense of something that so far hasn’t made much, and this conducts me to write this post, which more or less also reveals my worries, linked to MJ’s possible passing. I hope this doesn’t distress anyone – the truth is not out there yet, and any post I make has a theoretical element to it. I hope anyone who reads it doesn’t forget that. These posts are not absolute.

As my previous post state, Murray’s PR representative has been saying that Murray did know the family, and apparently, even has some sort of bond with them, wishing them well. This is crucial in that the family has been acting like they weren’t aware of Murray’s existence in the past year. Always talking about “the doctor”, a “pawn in a much bigger conspiracy”. Joe is now going after AEG, revealing some emails and contract drafts between Murray and AEG, stipulating that Murray asked AEG for lifesaving gear which was consequently refused. Joe, as well as Latoya, Randy, any member of the Jackson family, have been trying to shift the blame onto AEG, and they’ve let Murray pretty much off the hook. He’s “just a pawn”. “Just a puppet”.
Murray has been pretty dandy in a way, he’s been somewhat cavalier. Kinda cocky even. I mean, come on… how cocky is it to say “him too wishes to know who is responsible for Michael’s death” ? How cocky is it to make a YouTube video and several church speeches without any remorseful character, expressing no regret, no condolences over the death of someone he claimed to be his friends ? Someone who he knows is a father, a brother and a son ? Pretty cold, if you ask me. He’s crying over what has become of his life, but never regrets what happened to MJ’s, whether he was at direct fault on that.
OK, so now what makes my brain go ding : how did Joe get his hands on PRIVATE emails and correspondance between Murray and AEG ? Are those pieces of the LAPD’s investigation ? Doubtful. I’m pretty sure we would have heard about it before or, in any case, I doubt Joe could use them till Murray’s case is not fully closed. So Joe gets some elements that only Murray had access to, as well as AEG (which I doubt handed out the elements to Joe, seeing as he’s going after them), and is basically trying to shift the blame away from Murray onto AEG. As I said in a post before, the family has been confirming the drug addiction. By doing so, they’re actually helping Murray’s defense, they’re helping him get off the hook of a potential 4-year jail sentence.  And if you ask me, it’s unlikely that Murray will ever go to jail. His medical license hasn’t even been revoked besides the overwhelming evidence that he did act wrong when he was at Michael’s service. There seems to be either some serious sloppiness or a judicial bias against MJ. Which are plausible possibilities.
My worries are as such : it seems to me, if Michael did die, that Joe (whether he has the family accord or not, I can’t tell) is cutting a deal with Murray. Something like, “listen… we won’t go after you if you help us prosecute AEG. Give us the elements/pieces you got and in return, we’ll be lenient and we won’t push the investigation”. Remember how Murray is saying that “he wishes to know who’s responsible too” ? Will that be Murray’s defense in court ? Will he try to incriminate AEG and blame them for MJ’s death ?  Remember how the family came into the house before the scene was sealed and contaminated it, getting rid of dirty sheets but leaving all the drugs for everyone to see, leaving the world to believe that MJ had a drug addiction ? This jeopardized the investigation from the get-go. The family’s doings are HELPING Murray. Why ? Against what ?

As far as AEG being responsible for MJ’s “death” : doubtful again. AEG, in my humble opinion, would have made a much better deal if Michael was alive. They wouldn’t have to reimburse a crapload of tickets, they weren’t insured for MJ’s sudden passing, and they only got, like, 5% of the profits on a movie that was supposed to be released even had Michael lived on (and no one will convince me that This Is It was not supposed to be released originally.) Since they don’t get anything on CD sales, it’s safe to assume they felt pretty screwed over when Michael died, if anything.

As far as someone being after the catalogue : again, doubtful. MJ being alive actually in a way makes the catalogue much more vulnerable. When MJ was alive, if you wanted that darn catalogue, you could just drug him up or seduce him or whatever plot you can think of to get him to sign off on it or sell it at a crappy price. Now that he’s “gone”, we have legal locks on it. The estate administrators have said very clearly they would NEVER sign off on it (makes sense, even in a selfish way – this catalogue is a goldmine and generates thousands upon thousands of dollars for the estate. The wealthier the estate, the bigger the adminstrators’ salaries, seeing that they get a percentage on the estate’s value) and they couldn’t modify in any way the catalogue’s substance without the judge’s permission. The catalogue, once and for all, is safe. It’s not going anywhere. AEG couldn’t get their hands on it, and the other half of Sony couldn’t either (by the way, Michael IS Sony… well part of it. Mottola was an evil ass but Mottola was only Sony at a Time T. He wasn’t Sony as a corporation.) I guess Sony does profit off Michael’s stellar CD sales, but Michael profits from them just as much, maybe even more.

So in the end, Murray does seem to be responsible. If he had people behind him, maybe. Probably. Still doesn’t let him off the hook and he still should pay for misconduct. That’s how justice works, or is supposed to. And it doesn’t incriminate AEG either. Joe’s actions are ambiguous and make little sense. The only sense it makes spells out “money”. Indeed, if Murray goes to jail, well… he goes to jail and that’s it, that’s the satisfaction, knowing that he’s purging a sentence. They’re not going to get any cash from Murray, especially since he’s apparently broke. However, by suing AEG, and since they have the public’s opinion to back them up because AEG has been made out as some sort of grand murderer, they will have increased chances to win the case… and in that event, the cash flow will be insane.

Money… Kill for it ? Spy for it ? … Harbour an actual murderer for it ?

Please, do comment to share your input. I believe cooperation is the key to seeing the big picture. We’re not out of this mess yet. At least, let’s try to figure it out together. This post is, I guess, pretty harsh towards Michael’s family. All I can hope is that I’m dead wrong about this. And that anything and everything they’re doing is working out in favour of Michael and for his own good. That’s my dearest wish.


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